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Little People Of Saskatchewan

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Club Background
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History of Our Club

Our organization has been around for a long time. Since i was a baby i have had the support of the many people who help keep our association running. i know the generations to come will always help keep us alive! 

Our Goals

our goals are to help give people a better understanding of what little people are we are the same as everyone else only little. We also want to help those from new parents wih young dwarf children to elderly people. With the little people of saskatchewan we can meet people like us from the same communities as us. this organization gives us a chance to learn about ourselves and learn from the experiences of others aswell

Our Club Officers

 The people who been incharge of organising all the meetings are our President Trent Phillips, Vice President Darryl Autet , Debbie Hyman and Cherryl Phillips as well as alot of help from all the parents and members. There is an election October 16 where new people will be appointed to office i myself am hoping for secretary.

please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at thanx Celeste