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Little People Of Saskatchewan


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Here are some facts i find interesting and i think are very helpful

What is the definition of dwarfism?
a dwarf is defined as a adult person 4'10" or under both male and female. Although some dwarfs can be slightly taller than that.
What is a Miget?
A miget is a name for a little person dating back to the 1860's but now it is considered VERY offensive and should not be used. We preffer dwarf or little person or better yet our names!
Does having dwarfism mean you are disabled?
No being a dwarf does limit you physical activity but you are still able to participate in many activities and you still do well at mental activites even if you struggle with physical ones. i know a dwarf boy who plays hocky and a girl who was in figgure scating

If you have any other questions or facts please let me know and ill post them here

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please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at thanx Celeste