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Little People Of Saskatchewan

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About Me

"You laugh at me cause im different i laugh at you cause your all the same"

My name is Celeste Halcro i am 15  and i have belonged to the little people of saskatchewan since i was not even 1 year old. Being part of this group has kept me going without the suport from all my friends i dont think i could have gone through life this far.

I decided to make this website to put the little people of saskatchewan out there for everyone too see. i love meeting new people and i thought maybe this would be an easier way for people to find out about us and join.

For those of you struggiling with your differences this organization is a great way to help you so please take a look on how to become a member and join as soon as possible to be included in all the fun and planning!

please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at thanx Celeste